Our Mission

We live in a lost and dying world which continues to pursue its failing strategies for meaning and fulfillment in life. While people often look good on the outside, their lives are sometimes more accurately characterized by self-indulgence, guilt, lust, confusion and despair. Seeking his own remedies, man continues his downward spiral of separation from God. Man’s only hope is the person of Jesus Christ. For men to turn to Christ, they must be told about Him and to see His reality displayed in the lives of His followers. As the body of Christ, the church is the visible earthly representation of who He is. Every church has theĀ purpose of leading people to Christ, maturing them in the faith and then encouraging them to go out into all the world and let them know He loves them and desires to save them as well. Therefore, the purpose of the First Baptist Church of Central Florida is to lead all people to:

Know Christ, Grow in Christ and Go for Christ!

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